Waste transfer and acceptance certificate, waybill

Select an analysis option (only when shipping catalysts):

Requirements for dispatched waste


  • Submitting the questionnaire is compulsory - according to Jäätmeseadus, § 106.
  • If the sender does not answer letters and phone calls, the act-invoice is accepted during 20 working days from the date of sending the letter and payment. After payment, the sender loses the right to dispute the bill.
  • The application form can be saved and sent digitally signed to info@basemetal.ee or sent in hard copy by attaching it to the parcel (signature is required).


  • The catalysts can be housed or cut out ceramics.
  • The cut ceramics must be naturally moist.
  • Wet weight of catalysts is determined by catalog, not by actual weight.
  • The ceramics must be free of asbestos and metal or ceramic rings.
  • Analysis of catalysts in housings or pure ceramics takes one working day.
  • Analysis of raw ceramics can take 2-3 working days (spent on drying the material).


  • The boards may not be sorted - we sort them free of charge on site.
  • At least 90% of scrap of radio components must be sorted, otherwise we charge a sorting service fee (5% of the batch cost).
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