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Buying lead and li-ion batteries

BASE Metal recycles more than 1000 tons of lead-acid batteries annually.

We always try to offer our clients the best price in Estonia.

Batteries are accepted at our site and from the client's site.

Companies that have a recycling contract with us can use the service of free rental of storage boxes and transportation of batteries. Renting boxes allows you to avoid the double work of shifting batteries.

Clients with contracts always receive a bonus price from us.


Place the batteries neatly, and the terminals of different batteries must not touch each other.


Gloves and goggles.


We buy accumulators with the sign "Pb" (lead).

Batteries are accepted together with acid, by weight.

Accepted batteries from cars, AGM (sealed), gel batteries, traction batteries and from forklifts.

The weight of batteries from forklifts is calculated taking into account the deduction of the weight of the iron boxes - the weight of the box is measured by eye, based on the data of our container catalog.

Both whole batteries and broken or burnt ones are accepted.

Batteries with leaking acid (cracked housing) should be transported in a sealed box and handled with extreme care.


We recycle lithium batteries from laptops, phones, walkie-talkies and tablets.

Lithium batteries must not be burnt or disassembled.

We accept for recycling:

NiCd batteries

NiMh batteries

Li-ion cell phones batteries

Li-ion Notebooks & Laptops batteries

Li-ion batteries from electronic appliances (cameras etc.)

Li-ion batteries from E-scooters/E-bikes

Li-ion batteries from Power tools