Personal approach

BASE Metal is not a huge messy area with mountains of scrap metal, but an adaptive place with the best conditions for the client.


  • Supply of various containers for sorting goods (avoids double work).
  • Loaders for unloading heavy waste.
  • Rent of boxes for the transportation of batteries and metal.
  • Simultaneous service for up to 5 clients.
  • Only we know how to quickly and correctly accept electronic scrap.
  • Acceptance of goods during nasty weather is carried out in a large hangar.
  • We buy or accept most electronics for free (other companies charge a fee for this waste).
  • We have the largest list of accepted waste in Estonia.
  • Waste removal from the client's premises.
  • Analyzer services.
  • Payment within one business day, but there is also an instant payment service!


  • Legal information on waste.
  • We give advice on how to properly organize logistics and waste unloading.
  • A complete package of documents for the transportation and acceptance of hazardous waste.
  • Providing data for the annual waste report.

We serve over 6000 clients every year!

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