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Automotive catalysts

Acceptance and recycling of automotive catalysts is one of the main lines of our business.
Automotive catalysts of all types are accepted, including ceramic, catalysts with iron filling, catalysts from truck transport and FAP filters (fapfilter).

Order of acceptance and recycling catalysts

Loads up to 10 kg – according to the catalyst catalogue, or after XRF –analysis*.
Loads up to 10 – 30 kg – according to the results of XRF –analysis.
*- XRF-analysis is performed within 10 to 30 minutes.

Cooperation with legal entities is performed on a basis of recycling agreements, with due account of the interests of either of the parties.

Recycling loads starting from 30 kg and more.

Stages of recycling:

  • Catalysts are cut out of iron barrels.
  • Ceramic mass is weighted.
  • Ceramics is crushed.
  • Sampling and XRF-analysis.
  • Recording stock-exchange prices and payment of 80% of the fixed price.
  • Chemical analysis and final payment.

Total duration of recycling, XRF-analysis and payment of 80% takes from two hours to one day, depending on quantity of products.

Chemical analysis and final payment are done according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

In case you would like to sell more than 30 kg, please inform us in advance about the time of arrival for recycling and analysis.